Life of Riley Pet Care

Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking


 Daily Pet Sitting Visit

8:00 am to
8:00 pm

Visits to dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and other small animals
 (additional pets $4.00 each)
Visits include food, water, potty breaks, play time, litter box cleaned and security check
Cage cleaning extra

Minimum of 3 visits a day required for dogs if you are away
1 x daily
20-30 minutes
(in your home)

 Visits include feeding, water, playtime, a nightly walk and plenty of cuddle time before tucking them in for the night. In the morning I will take care of all their needs and get them ready for the day.

 Services such as watering plants, altering lights and blinds, bringing in mail and newspapers, along with security checks are all included.




(Multiple pets may require  additional charges) 

Daily Dog Walk 
Neighborhood Walk
Each additional dog, same household $5.00

1 x daily,
30 min 
"Romps with Riley "

Doggy Field Trips are offered Monday - Friday by appointment and location
Excursions to area parks offering off-leash fun and hikes to a small group of
"well socialized dogs".
Must be current  on all vaccinations, neutered/spayed, and at least one year old.

60 min


(additional dogs, same household $15.00) 
Pet Taxi  Shuttle Service

Visits to the vet, groomer,photographer, etc...
One way

Round trip

Wait time 



$15.00 per 1/2 hour  

Reservations for services should be made at least a week in advance so that a meet and greet can be set up and forms and particulars of services and routines can be discussed. At this time, if you decide to hire Life of Riley Pet Care, a key can be kept on file for future services.

Cancellations of services need to be made at least 48 hours in advance as a courtesy for the time allotted so that other clients aren't turned away. Any less than a 48 hour notice will be billed at the current rates.Cancellation fee for dog excursions and walks are as follows: make-ups are given for a 48 hour notice. Full charge for less than a 48 hour notice.

Payment for services are to be cash or personal checks in advance. If services are added or extended from the initial contract the client will be billed. Payment will be expected within a week of a completed service.

Understanding that word of mouth is the ultimate compliment one can give, Life of Riley Pet Care will offer any loyal client a bonus of $5.00 off any service (excluding holiday periods) if a friend, neighbor or family member books a service as our way of saying "thank you" for choosing Life of Riley Pet Care to care for your pets.

Holidays are billed at 1.5 the regular rates and apply to the following holiday weekends:

New Year's Eve                                                        Labor Day
               New Year's Day                                                        Columbus Day                       
             Easter                                                                       Thanksgiving
               Memorial Day                                                           Christmas Eve
               Independence Day                                                   Christmas Day