Life of Riley Pet Care

Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking


Pet Sitting

In-home pet care is both beneficial for the pets and their owners. Pets cared for in their own home will adjust much better to their family's absence by being cared for in their own secure environment surrounded by familiar sights, smells, and sounds.The pet is lovingly cared for by one person whose focus is to follow their routine as closely as possible while eliminating the trauma of being left in unfamiliar surroundings.

Life of Riley Pet Care provides the owner with peace of mind and a sense of security by going in and out several times a day. The house looks occupied by alternating lights, curtains, blinds and  taking in the mail and newspapers,etc..

Owners who go on frequent overnight trips, occasional weekend getaways or week-long vacations would benefit from this service.

Daily Walks

A structured daily walk not only gives a dog exercise and mental stimulation but will improve his well being by giving him something positive to channel his energy and will alleviate behaviors associated with boredom such as barking, chewing and digging. Dogs love routine and will look forward to getting out daily for some fresh air and exercise.

Owners who work long hours, are elderly, disabled or injured could benefit from this service either daily or weekly.

Dog Excursions

This service involves picking up a small group of dogs that are social and get along well, and bringing them somewhere fun for dogs. The focus of this service is mental stimulation and enjoyment and gives them a chance for some off-leash fun whether it be hiking, swimming, or a game of fetch or frisbee.

Doggy daycare typically requires you to drop off and pick up your pet, usually within a specified time window. Life of Riley Pet Care offers  service to and  from your home. You won't have to worry about being unable to pick up your pet due to long hours, lengthy commutes, running errands, or socialization after work. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your dog has gotten quality exercise, fresh air, small group socialization, and is safe and relaxed in comfortable and familiar surroundings, not napping in a kennel or tired and stressed from a full day in a pack atmosphere.

Life of Riley Pet Care knows that dogs are much more than pets - they are family members. Dog parks are actually less crowded on the weekdays than doggie daycare is, offering an excellent opportunity for off- leash play and small group socialization.

"Romps with Riley" will be available by appointment and location Monday - Friday. Why don't you give your best friend the chance to live the "Life of Riley"?

Pet Taxi

For those owners that have a hectic schedule, Life of Riley Pet Care can drive your furry
friend to the groomer or veterinarian and back to the comfort of their home. There is an additional charge per half hour wait time.

Pet Photography

If you would like some professional pictures of your pets, Life of Riley Pet Care is available by appointment and can take either candid or posed pictures in a variety of packages suitable for every budget.