Holly has been my dog sitter and dog walker for about a year now.  I highly recommend her and completely trust her with my two dogs, Cassie and Sam!  She is very conscientious about keeping me posted with the dog's activity while I am away and she is always accessible when I call like a nervous "mommy" to check in on them!  I never really worry when they are in her care, because she is very responsible.  If she notices anything out of the ordinary, she will contact me immediately. Holly is an outstanding person and I trust her implicitly with my home and my dogs.                                                                              Lisa M (Ludlow)

Holly is trustworthy and caring and did a great job visiting the house to pet sit, walk, and keep our dog Polly safe.                         Ben and Susan P (Belchertown) ________________________________________________________________________________________

Riley Pet Care has given me peace of mind knowing my dog Daisy will be able to be walked every day. Holly and all her staff truly care about the their client's needs and concerns. My dog Daisy has allergies that cause her to chew her feet and make sores . When I call Holly with my concerns she and her staff go above and beyond to make sure Daisy is comfortable.                  Kathy A (Belchertown) ________________________________________________________________________________________

Holly (and her dog Riley) have been taking our Australian Shepherd Jackson for weekly excursions since he was one year old.  For an active breed that really needs to run and play hard, these outings have been ideal.  Holly has provided Jackson with the very best care - she is hands down the most knowledgeable, reliable and safety conscious person I could dream for!  I recommend Holly without reservation!!                                                                  Cynthia M (Amherst)


Holly and Life of Riley Excursion Services are a godsend for me and my extremely energetic dog Cho Cho.  She needs time off leash in a setting where she can run herself ragged and this has been an invaluable service for filling that need.  Holly is upbeat and highly competent.                                          Libby  H (South Hadley)


We are grateful for the caring and reliable service that Holly provides when we are away and can't bring our cats, Sparky and Jessica. She always follows directions for any special needs and goes the extra mile, bringing in the mail or any deliveries. We trust her completely with a key to our home and never worry while we're gone. We love the  notes of how every visit went with good detail and sometimes humor!  See our pets testimonials below!

Jessica:    I love that Holly treats me like the princess I am. She gives me the best food and makes sure Sparky doesn't get a chance to steal it. Also I know she loves petting me the most because she knows I have the softest, most beautiful fur.

Sparky:     I always try to greet Holly at the door so she remembers to feed me right away and give me plenty!  We have great fun when she fills up the treat mobile and she admires my dexterity and cleverness. I do my best loud purr for her because she needs to be rewarded  for her affectionate attention I love.

                                                                                                    Cindy F (Belchertown)

Life of Riley Pet Care has been walking my dogs for a couple of years now, and there has never once been a problem or an issue.  I've been able to add walks and/or feedings as the need has arisen.  It is obvious that Holly and her staff really care and I am very comfortable leaving my dogs in their care.
                                                                                                             Kathy R (Granby)